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Welcome to the website of the Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan

All our lives we in Saskatchewan and the rest of Western Canada have watched our Western Homeland being treated with contempt and neglect by successive Governments in Ottawa. These Governments were mostly elected by residents of Central and Eastern Canada before the polls even closed in the West! Western Canadians have attempted to change the unfair system from the time of Louis Riel to the birth of the Reform Party. All these efforts have failed because of the rejection of fair democratic ideals by Central and Eastern Canadian voters.

On July 12, 2003 the Western Independence Party (W.I.P.) of Saskatchewan was born in Saskatoon.

Our Party now offers the people of Saskatchewan a real alternative to living under the Central Canadian Establishment. We believe that we can only achieve our true potential in a free and truly democratic West.

Preferential Balloting
Why support the single transferable vote?
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A question for the "public broadcaster" the CBC

The CBC has offered 22 minutes of "freetime" (like our health care, actually pre-paid) to the political parties with at least 2 candidates vying for a seat in the Legislature. This time is allocated mostly to the SP & NDP, but each of the other 4 parties are gifted 2 minutes each.

I would like to take advantage of this generous offer, however cannot agree to the terms they require.

Why is the CBC unwilling to allow the W.I.P. to supply a tape to record a 2 minute message to the voters of Saskatchewan? They kindly offered the use of a camera IF they provide the tape AND "The tape will remain property of CBC." AND the recording is done at the studios in Regina AND all the conditions of the "public broadcaster" are met.
You would have to ask Paul Dornstauder - Executive Producer Current Affairs - CBC Radio Saskatchewan (Mr. Dornstauders Twitter)


Latest News:  Media coverage of the WIP and Leader Dana Arnason: a summary on Leaders blog
"That the Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan adopt
the official position of support for the State of
Israel and
the right of
Israel to exist and defend itself."

From a Motion approved unanimously by the Convention on December 1, 2007

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