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Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan 2011 Election Platform

Key issues in the General Election of 2011

1. A constitutionally focused government that ensures that individuals have the freedom to participate in both the supply and demand sides of the free market economy: read more

2. A flat income tax with no exemptions and Saskatchewan collects direct taxes: read more

3. Remove the RCMP and form a Provincial police force. The Territories are pacified, and responsibilty for law enforcement should not be entrusted to a force that takes it's orders from far away: read more

Constitutional issues: Exclusive Powers of Provincial Legislatures

4. Bring home all responsibility for health care, we'll take care of our own - Sec. 92(7)

5. Bring home all educational responsibilities, give them back to the local boards - Sec. 93

6. End all unconstitutional federal transgressions on provincial resource matters - Sec.92A

Rights of the Individual:

7. Restore all of the rights guaranteed by 800 years of Common Law, including self defence, and enshrining property rights by;

8. Applying the Notwithstanding clause to federal law which does not respect our rights as citizens.


A. Canadian Wheat Board
: The CWB has become a major point of conflict amongst Western farmers. On the one hand you have a group of bureaucrats and farmers, who wish to have all of the top quality Wheat, Durum, and Malt Barley collectively marketed by compulsory rules & regulations with the use of the law to force compliance. On the other hand, you have corporate interests, and a group of farmers who wish to be free to market and develop their industry without any governmental interference.
BE IT RESOLVED: That the Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan support Western Canadian farmers rights. Specifically, the right of the individual farmer to sell their products without bureaucratic or governmental interference.

B. Electoral Reform
: Since 1968, when Pierre Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada, Political Party Leaders have assumed complete control over who is allowed to run under party banners during General Elections. And furthermore, Party Leadership Elections and Electoral Riding party affilation is being more and more decided by top down, undemocratic interference, ie; The Saskatchewan Party having a completely uncontested Leadership Nomination process in 2004 that elected Brad Wall Leader; The NDP's 2008 Leadership Nomination process that chose Dwain Lingenfelter as NDP Leader, where massive personal identity theft occured; right on down to the Saskatchewan Party overturning Grant Schmidt's nomination in the Melville/Saltcoats Constituency in 2003. The need for a massive democratic overhaul is now glaringly apparent.
BE IT RESOLVED: That Elections Saskatchewan assume all responsibility for all Registered Political Party Leadership Votes and Constituency Nominations. Elections Saskatchewan would handle the application of electoral regulations, voter registration, ballot distribution, tabulation of ballots, and the declaration of official results.

C. Health Care
: Over 40% of all Provincial Expenditures is spent on Health Care and growing faster than the rate of inflation. The taxpaying public feels like they have little influence or control in regards to their Local Health Districts, with little democratic accountability or transparency provided to its citizens.
BE IT RESOLVED: That Local Health Districts be allowed to find their own innovative approaches in providing Health Care Delivery.

Authorized and published by the Chief Official Agent - Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan